The Flow Circle

Welcome to the Flow Circle.

Are you craving for more nourishment and bliss?

Feel like you are disconnected from yourself?

Want to feel more energised and inspired?

Wish to connect with a beautiful community of like-minded people?


This is for you my friend!

The Flow Circle is a 2 hour guided retreat combining yoga, meditation and personal development tools to connect our body, mind and soul with the energy of the current season.

Living in a fast paced city like London, it can be difficult to feel connected to the seasons, each other and also to ourselves. When we live in a natural state of flow with our environment, working with the energy that the season and astrology brings we experience less resistance and more ease, flow and balance in our life.

We work with our environment and not against it. We FLOW with life.

Enter The Flow Circle! A  2 hour retreat to nourish your body, mind & soul and align you with the season.


What to expect:


30 minute Slow Flow Yoga

Guided Meditation

Life Coaching practices to connect you with your intuition

A community of like hearted people

​Pop on something comfy, bring a journal and a pen and join us to explore this month’s theme…


Autumn is the time of year when we naturally feel an urge to slow down to pause and prepare for the coldest, darkest and most introspective season of the year - Winter. Autumn invites us to turn inwards and check in to see what lies underneath the surface.

As the world gets quieter, so does the mind. We move deeper within and become closer to our hearts, approaching our feelings and emotions with more love & kindness, which creates the perfect environment to listen and enhance our intuitive skills.

Intuition is our most powerful tool. We tend to look outside for answers to our most important questions, when the answer already lie within us. All we have to do is connect to our intuitive powers and use that guidance to move forward. Intuition is that peaceful sense of knowing, our inner voice, inner wisdom or gut feeling.

We will explore the realms of the Third eye Chakra, said to be the seat of our intuition connecting us to our ability to see our truth and bring it to life.

Astrologically speaking, we begin to dive deeper into Scorpio Season - a time where moving through the waters of our emotions and truth will also be front and centre.

Join us for our last Flow Circle of the year to explore and enhance our intuitive power so that you walk away feeling connected, clear & with practical tools to use in your day to day life.

WHERE:  HILLTOP STUDIO - 50 Hillfield Park Mews, London N10 3QR - Muswell Hill

WHEN: SUNDAY, 18 NOVEMBER 2018 AT 2.30 to 4.30pm

COST: £25

About Ange & Leticia


Ange is a Life Coach, Yoga Teacher and Meditation guide specialised in guiding women through a heart centred self-discovery journey towards creating a life based on happiness and purpose through love and intuition.

Leticia is a Woman’s Coach, Theta Healer, Circle Facilitator & Meditation Guide specialised in supporting women to embrace their feminine power, purpose & creativity and create a life that is beautiful.