Whether in-person or by live video, a private yoga session is the perfect opportunity to deepen your practice. The sessions are adapted and tailored towards your needs, personal goals and what you would like to work on. Classes can be 1-2-1 or shared with a friend to split the cost.




Private Yoga sessions are great if you:

⋗ Have an injury and you would like a teacher focused solely on you and your needs so you can move with safety.

⋗ Are brand new to Yoga and want to gain initial experience without feeling intimidated about joining a public class.

⋗ Want to deepen your practice 100% focused on your personal goals & needs.

⋗ Have a busy lifestyle and you need a teacher to work around your schedule.

Want to practice from the comfort of your own house.

⋗ Are working with an injury or health condition and would like a session tailored to your needs.





60 min in person - £60

60 min online - £45


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"Yoga with Ange is what I look forward to at the end of the week. It’s a great class to focus on mind, body and soul and Ange makes this connection happen in a beautiful and moving way. I always leave feeling like I have been enlightened with positivity, calmness and a weight lifted off my shoulders. 
Sharmila Rahman

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