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Share the Love - Are you giving to the world, the love you want to receive?

I don’t know about you, but I spent many years of my life chasing love, longing for a

feeling that seemed unreachable to me. It was not until I understood that in order to receive love, I would have to take the lead and start myself, that things started to shift. I would have to give to the world, the love and kindness I so wanted to receive. A very simple equation that once it was embodied, it made my life much easier and sweeter. We get what we put out there.

As humans we are very good at demanding. We ask for things, we say we want more love, we want

more freedom, more happiness, more connection, more, more, more. How often do we offer these

things out to the world? We are pure energy and it is important to remember that the energy we

cultivate within and consequently put out there is the energy that will be brought back to us. That makes us think right?

What is the quality of the energy I am releasing to the world?
What am I giving away?
How am I treating the people in my life?

The moment when what we want is infused in our own experience, we become that which we cultivate, therefore sharing that with the world becomes a natural action. We all have an abundant and unlimited supply of love that wants to move from our hearts to others. It is entirely up to us to decide whether this love will be contained or set free.

Our journey so far has taken us to, first of all, make a solid commitment from the depths of our

hearts to CHOOSE LOVE on action 1 and also to LOVE & ACCEPT OURSELVES through embracing our broken places as part of who we are on action 2. Now we start to understand the mechanics of love which clearly starts with self-love and appreciation for our own lives in the first place so we can love from a place of wholeness rather than from a place of emptiness. Such a simple lesson, but I guess we all agree it is easier said than done right? Believe me! Been there, done that. But, I will also tell you that we are all capable of creating the reality where we feel immersed in the abundance of love that life has to offer us.

It doesn’t matter where we come from, what are our past traumas and fears. We are pure energy and

love is pure energy. What we have to do is to align our frequency with the frequency of love, and

one of the most effective ways to do so is by sharing love. On that note, we welcome action # 3 for Love Inside Out – A guide for living a wholehearted life based on love and kindness – SHARE THE LOVE!

Don’t you just love when a friend or a loved one tells you how much him/her loves you? Doesn’t it feel

good to know you are loved and appreciated by others? Isn’t it amazing when a friend tells you how

great you look? Think about those moments in your life when you have experienced any of

those situations and try to remember how you felt. I bet your heart filled up with joy and guess

what? With LOVE.

When you fill other people’s heart with love and kindness, in a genuine and true way, that love is

poured back into your heart in limitless amounts. Love attracts love and I believe we all agree that in

the world we live in today, we all could use a bit more of love and kindness right?

So let’s get to work!

Before we continue, I would like you to spend some time journaling about the experiences you had

so far that made you feel loved and appreciated. Write down how they made you feel. Here are

some prompts to kick you off:

How did you feel when a friend or loved one told you how much they love you?

How did you feel when you were helped by someone unexpectedly?

How did you feel when someone called you out of the blue just to see how you were doing?

How did you feel when someone appreciated your work and actually told you that?

How did you feel when a stranger was kind to you for no reason?

Feel free to write about any other experience you can remember. Let that journaling exercise

open your heart to those memories and bring back the feeling. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Now, still reflecting upon your experiences, spend some time brainstorming on the below:

What are some ways you can share love with others?

Here are some ideas I would like to share with you.

Do something nice to someone without expecting anything back

Tell someone what you love about them.

Give a friend a genuine compliment.

Write a positive message on a post-it and stick it on the fridge for your flatmate to read.

Be genuinely nice to people.

Kindly smile at a stranger in the street.

Be of service to the world.

Offer to pick up a coffee or treat for a co-worker who is having a tough day.

Help someone in a way you’ve been helped.

Ask the coffee guy how his day has been.

Call someone you haven’t spoken to in ages to say how much you miss him or her.

Call your parents to say how much you love them.

See the best in people and tell them one thing you appreciate about them.

Actively listen to what your friend is telling you – show that you care.

Call someone instead of sending a text.

Give someone space when they need but also be there in case they need support.

Buy someone a small gift – or make a gift yourself.

Hug someone who seems to be in need of a hug.

Be Love. Share Love.

Like I already mentioned a few times here. Love is pure energy that is unlimited to us. The more we

cultivate it, the more we have it in our lives. Let it start with you.

Thank you for being here today. I truly love and appreciate you!

If this is something you feel you could use the help of a coach to dig a bit deeper, feel free to get in touch by clicking here. It would be an honor to support you. :-)

Love & Gratitude,


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