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My new Logo and the power of grounding...

Today is a happy day. I am so excited to share with you my brand new (and so beautiful) logo which comes to life exactly 6 months after I launched my website.

Every single aspect of this logo has been thoughtfully and intuitively put together. It was such a beautiful work I did in collaboration with my so talented sister Sofia Severo, designer at Citrino Design.

As a Life Coach and Yoga Teacher I believe in the power we all have of transforming our lives. We are here in this body, in this life to evolve, grow and become the happiest we can be. We were born to be bountiful and blissful, and throughout life we may distance ourselves from this truth due to several reasons.

Our job as humans is to do the work necessary and find our way back home, back to our essence. By grounding in our own beings and connecting to our inner power, we allow the transformation to happen in the heart. From a solid foundation and an opened heart, we find freedom, belonging and empowerment so we can connect to one another and create a beautiful and strong network of light that can positively impact the world we live in. It all starts with us, with simple actions in our day to day lives, and it ripples to those around us and finally to all humanity.

I always tell my yoga students that we build a posture from the ground up. First we check the position of our feet and their connection to the ground. Steady feet and legs mean a strong foundation upon which we can find space and rise up. For something to rise, something else needs to anchor. The Chakra system also teaches us that. There’s no point working on the higher chakras, which connect us to the subtle realms, if we haven’t done the work needed to clean and activate the lower chakras - building a solid foundation, creating a healthy relationship with our feelings and emotions and understanding our purpose in this life. It’s through finding a sense of grounding that we start the journey within and back to wholeness.

We are all on a journey to remember who we are. It’s a healing journey of peeling back the layers of illusion and misunderstanding, and slowly allowing the unravelling nature of life to reveal itself and show us what we are here to learn. This journey has some incredible twists and turns, crazy dead-ends and sometimes, all we need is a road map to give us the way.  We tend to look for this road map outside of ourselves, in other people, relationships, careers and so it goes. And we forget to look for it in the nearest and most obvious place: our hearts. That’s where our inner voice comes from. The heart is the gateway through which our intuition communicates with us. That’s where we find all the answers to those burning questions bubbling up in the mind. This is why I do this work, because I believe we all have this incredible power to heal,  transform and create the most beautiful and fulfilled life.

Today is a happy day as I take one more step forward in this business that I love so much.

Happy! Thank you! Thank you! More please!

Love & Gratitude,


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