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Love & Accept yourself - How loving and accepting your broken places will set you free.

We are back with L.I.O. - Love Inside Out Project - A guide for living a wholehearted life based on love and kindness and action # 2 is...

Love and accept yourself - how loving and accepting your broken places will set you free.

The more love you bring to the world the more fulfilled and grateful you will be. The more love you give to those around you the more you will inspire them to live a better life and to live in love. Love is an organic feeling that flows from heart to heart. It wants to move and flow. Love does not want to be contained and held. It wants to be set free so it can do what it does best - heal, transform and connect people.

A very important part of understanding love, how it works and how it flows through us is by going back to basics:

We love others and we fall in love with life when we learn how to love ourselves for who we really are.

I know you must have already heard this a thousand times, but when life gets in the way and things get tough, our tendency is to forget the basics. We cannot love others, we cannot give love and we most certainly can't fully love our lives if we do not love and appreciate our bodies, our image, our hearts, our broken places, our lightness, our darkness, our journeys and whatever else that makes us who we are.

Most of us want to look away from our broken places. We want to look away from those parts of us that don’t seem to be working because they make us feel uncomfortable, like we don’t belong and maybe even a bit scared. We want to deny the damaged parts of our beings, tuck away our limitations and pretend they do not exist. However, our broken places are longing to be healed and become gateways to awakening our infinite potential and release the abundant and never ending inner love we hold within.

By learning how to love our broken places and by embracing our flaws, we heal from the inside out. We mend our fragmented pieces into this beautiful artwork that makes sense to us. We become whole again confidently standing on the grounds of self-love and self-acceptance. We feel safe within our own beings. It’s relatively easy to love our qualities, our positive aspects and to appreciate what is going well for us. We do have to acknowledge, love and express immense gratitude for that which is working as well. However, our limitations deserve equal attention so they can teach us what we have to learn to be able to transform and evolve.

When we embrace everything that we are, flaws and all, there is nothing that can stop us. We create a deep connection with our innermost selves by embracing and owning every aspect of our beings. This is what will set us free from the shackles of shame and unworthiness and open our hearts to unconditional love and gratitude.

By unconditionally loving and appreciating every aspect of who we are, we become less likely to:

  • Make the wrong decisions.

  • Accept that which is less than we deserve.

  • Be in toxic relationships.

  • Waste time with situations or people that are no longer contributing for our growth.

  • Put ourselves down for no reason.

We then create space to:

  • See ourselves with love and honor our greatness.

  • To know what we want and what is our contribution to the world.

  • Tap into our potential and set it free.

  • Release our creativity and live joyfully.

  • Become the masters of our own lives.

Now, let’s do some work!

Remember that journal I asked you to pick up last week? We are going to use it once more.

Before starting any kind of journalling exercise I suggest you always spend some time on your own, in a quiet space, calming the mind and tuning in. Feel free to go back to Action # 1 and repeat the first part of the exercise if you wish.

Part 1

On your journal write down and answer these three questions:

How can I show myself love and compassion for what I am feeling right now?

What is the one thing I need to do in order to feel love and self-acceptance?

How can I show myself more love? What would I do if I really loved myself? See yourself as a friend. How would you show a friend love in this situation? What would you tell your friend?


The self-acceptance exercise is one of the most powerful tools to bring us closer to our hearts. As you will experience for yourself, one of the best and quickest ways to embody a sense of love and kindness is by learning to love and accept ourselves at a deeper and more profound level, just as we are today.

When you’re ready, answer the question:

What am I feeling right now?

It doesn’t matter exactly what you’re feeling. It could be a pleasant feeling. It could be fear, tiredness or excitement. The feeling itself is not important. What I would like you to do with it is take a moment to give yourself genuine, loving acceptance for feeling whatever you are feeling right now. Once you know the feeling you want to work with, take a few breaths and kindly repeat to yourself:

I love and accept myself for feeling __________________________ (complete as you wish).

Write down the feelings and sensations that come up. Let them show you what has to be seen.

Once you acknowledge these feelings, kindly repeat the sentences below. Let them come from the heart as much as possible:

I love and accept myself, exactly as I am.

I love and accept myself for feeling __________________________ (complete as you wish).

I love and accept all my feelings.

I love and accept myself wholeheartedly.

Notice how you feel each time you repeat each sentence to yourself. Connect to the feeling that rises from your heart. Allow for the love and acceptance you have within you to come up and melt any negative feelings or beliefs you might have about yourself. If you feel like giving yourself a hug, feel free to do so. Remember you can repeat this exercise whenever you need.

You are not defined by what happens to you. You are what you decide to do with it.

Be loving, be kind, be compassionate to yourself just as you are. You are beautiful, you are love.

Let me know if you have any questions. I truly hope this exercise has somehow helped you find ease in your heart. We change the world when our attitude becomes more loving, we then heal and connect to our inner source of love. When we become love, we inevitably share it with the world.

If this is something you feel you could use the help of a coach to dig a bit deeper, feel free to get in touch by clicking here. It would be an honor to support you. :-)

Love & Gratitude,


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