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Life happens right here, right now...

How often do you catch yourself daydreaming about the future or ruminating about the past? If you are like me (and like any other human) I believe the answer is quite often. As humans, we are either constantly clinging to what happened in the past or projecting life into future and forget to appreciate and cherish what is right now.

We miss out on so much from life by not being present in our bodies, by not being fully here in the present moment. I am not sure about you, but I feel life is getting faster and faster each day. Specially living in a fast-paced city, it can feel difficult to find pockets of time where we can slow down, pause and take a deep breath to brings us back to the present moment. It seems that the current society we live in, does not allow us space to simply be. We are constantly being asked to do more and do it quicker.

I just came back from a very enlightening solo trip to California that changed something in me, deep into my core. I will tell you all about it in the future, but for now I would like to focus on one of the learnings this trip has brought me. I spent seven days in Los Angeles on my own, hanging out in the city, soaking up the sunshine and the energy of that place.

I always felt very called to go to LA and this year I finally decided to answer the call and see what was there for me. I will tell you it was not love at first sight, but it was definitely love. LA felt like home, more than any other place I have ever been to. I still can’t quite grasp why exactly I felt that way, but I did feel a different spark inside me. For some reason I knew I had to be there. Unfortunately, my vacation days had to come to a closure and heading back to London was inevitable. I was not sure when I would be back in LA, I just knew I wanted to go back.

Since I came back, I caught myself feeling a bit heartbroken for having found a place that feels like home more than ever and sad for not being able to be there for the moment. That sensation completely took me out of my alignment, making me feel anxious and not present. I caught myself daydreaming about a distant future that would take me back and on how happier I would be once I moved there. That’s when it hit me. Wait a minute! THIS IS SO NOT RIGHT! I am projecting myself into a future that is not real yet. Yes, I am all up for co-creation but that’s not the way it’s done.

And here’s the catch: we tend to wait for the life of our dreams to manifest so we can finally be happy. We wait for the perfect partner to arrive so we can finally feel loved and complete. We wait for the job of our dreams to come so we can finally feel fulfilled at some point in the future. We wait for the perfect opportunity to come so we can take the first step and change our lives. We wait, wait, and then wait some more never actually getting that feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment, because we are never present. We are always stuck in the past or anxious about the future. We are always waiting for the next big thing, the next big break to come.

Life does not happen tomorrow, it happens right here, right now. This is all we’ve got folks. And that is such a blessing once you realise how special this is. The moment you really understand how unique the present moment is, time becomes infinite and vast. Suddenly time seems to stretch out and we get a chance to experience what’s it like to have abundance of time in our hands. Being fully present here and now feels like a big exhale after holding the breath for a while.

Life is all about the now, it’s all about today. I am not saying that dreaming and planning is a bad thing. Absolutely not. That is all great and really opens the gateways to manifestation and abundance, as long as it’s grounded in the foundations of a happy and solid present moment. The secret of a joyful life is making today so freaking awesome that it almost doesn’t matter if what you want gets to you in the end. After all, you are so happy right now, why would you waste that joy trying to anticipate the future?

There’s a quote from John Lennon that gets to the chore of this:

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

Whatever plans you are working on at the moment, please stay focused on them, don’t lose sight of your dreams. Just don’t let the pursuit of what lies ahead to be the only thing that guides you and motivates you. It is the process of getting our plans out of the paper, day by day, action by action, into real life that truly makes them wonderful. It is the process of engaging in the unfolding and unravelling of our dreams that truly makes us happy and complete. It’s the lessons we learn along the way, the ah-ha moments we have and the feelings we develop that shape us into the amazing human beings we have to become to actually be able to fully enjoy and appreciate the manifestation of our dreams. There is no point doing whatever it is that you are doing, if you are not having fun and enjoying the unfolding of the process.

So as a suggestion I will leave you with three questions for you to think about and possibly answer on your journal:

Am I having fun with the unfolding process of creating my dreams?
How can I make things fun again?
How can I bring myself back to living fully in the present moment?

Today is all we have my friends. Let’s all please appreciate this very moment, the place we live in, the jobs we have now, the relationships we nurture right now and the unravelling of the process of whatever it we are creating. Give this a try, change the mindset, shift your perspective and I promise you with all my heart that your life will get easier, lighter and much, much more fun and colourful.

Let me know how it goes by leaving a comment or sending me a message! I would love to hear from you.

Love & Gratitude,


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