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Know yourself and you will know what to do.

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

Today I am going to tell you a story about the Little Monkey God Hanuman and how he saved the day by remembering who he was.

Hanuman is a devotee of Sita and Rama and one of the main characters of the ancient epic story called Ramayana. He is said to be the incarnation of Shiva and the son of three gods. His mother was Anjana, the most beautiful Cosmic Dancer.

When Hanuman was a little monkey he had all these magical powers. He could jump up in the sky and he could fly anywhere he wanted. He was incredibly strong and powerful (of course, he was the son of three gods after all) and just like any other infant, he was a quite mischievous. He was like Super Baby!

One day he looks up in the Sky and he sees the Sun. He is so hungry that he thinks the sun is this huge and delicious mango and he decides he wants a bite of that yummy fruit. As he is super powerful, he takes a huge leap reaching high for the sun and takes a big chunk of it and suddenly everything goes dark.

Watching all of that confusion taking place, the demigod Indra gets really angry and thinks: "This Little Monkey is going to mess everything up! I have to stop him!" So he knocks Hanuman down with a thunderbolt and Hanuman falls all the way down from the Sky and breaks his jaw. Poor little Monkey God!

When his mom Anjana sees his little baby there laying on the floor with a broken jaw she freaks out and says: “What did you do to my Little Monkey Baby? You have to fix him! You have to fix him!"

Then Indra agrees to fix Hanuman’s jaw under one condition:

He will have to forget about his powers. He will have to forget he is the son of three gods. He will not know his essence and his strength until he is reminded.

So Little Hanuman goes on living his life as an ordinary monkey completely unaware of who he is and not knowing about the huge potential he holds within.

The story goes on and many, many, many things happen and he becomes a devotee of Sita and Rama being wholeheartedly at service to them.

One day, Sita is kidnapped by this really bad guy and they all go on a quest to save Sita. At one point they reach the sea and they find out that Sita is being help captive on the other side of the ocean and there is nothing they can do to get there. That’s the moment Hanuman’s friends step up and say:

Come one Hanuman! Do something! You are the only one who can save Sita.

But Hanuman has no idea what they are talking about. He goes on and says :

How? What can I do ? I am just a Monkey.

And at this moment, he is reminded of who he really is:

Come on Hanuman! Remember who you are! You are the son of three gods, you have all these incredible powers! Remember who you are Hanuman!

The moment Hanuman is reminded of his own potential, he starts to grow bigger and bigger, getting stronger and stronger and he takes a huge leap across the ocean and rescues Sita! Little Monkey Hanuman remembers who he is and he saves the day!

I can't help but wonder how can we apply this to our lives? How do we relate to Hanuman's story?

We, just like Hanuman, have forgotten who we are. Just like the Little Monkey God, we can't see our own greatness which stops us from allowing our potential to come forth.

That is the reason why having a practice that brings us back home is so important. That is the reason why we do all the work. We turn in to sort ourselves out, to then go back out there to help others do the same.

That is the reason why we engage in practices like Yoga and Meditation day after day. It's the continuous and solid effort that will bring the clarity we need to see and love ourselves unconditionally. So we are reminded of who we are at our essence.

Who were you before you have forgotten who you are?

The moment we truly get to know ourselves, we realize that what we are is actually pretty cool. The moment we own that and embody the essence of our being, nothing can mess with us! We become strong and powerful just like Hanuman. And just like him, we also have our own super powers.

There is nothing more beautiful and powerful than the sound of a soul waking up to its own uniqueness.

Imagine the things you can create once you are reminded of your greatness.

So now I ask you. What stops you from really getting to know yourself?

Is it fear? Laziness? Not knowing where to start from?

Whatever it is, can you leave it to the side? Just for a moment, let go of the never-ending excuses that hold you back from looking within and seeing yourself with love and kindness.

Quite often in life we find ourselves confused about what to do or where to go next. It’s a confusion that originates from a misunderstanding of who we really are. Deep down we all know who we are. The problem is that our vision is clouded with confusion and our true essence is hidden behind layers and layers of misconceptions we acquired throughout life. We have to peel back the layers so we can see ourselves nice and clear.

Get to know yourself. Stop messing around. Get clear on who you are and befriend your feelings, emotions and fears. Know what your passions are, uncover your potential and reveal the big purpose behind everything you do.

Why do you want to do the things you want to do?

Why do you want to create the things you want to create?

What is your soul craving?

What are your likes and dislikes?

What drives you forward?

What triggers your curiosity?

What is the calling coming from your heart?

What are your dreams?

What are you not willing to give up on so you can conquer your dreams?

Do the work. Know who you are and then make decisions from a place of alignment rather than from a place of misunderstanding and confusion.

Know yourself and you will know what to do.

And that is it for today my loves!

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Love & Gratitude,


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