The First Step

The mindset work behind sharing your work with the world

Dive into self-discovery and know yourself, overcome the blocks that hold you back and take the first steps towards creating your heart centered business. 

I help female aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own heart-centered business and live life on their terms.  I support them with overcoming self-doubt and the limiting belief of "I’m not good enough" so that they can get clarity on their next entrepreneurial step. In addition, I help them overcome their fears of failure, rejection, and judgment from what other people would think which holds them back from serving the world in a bigger, more meaningful way. I do this by unlocking their creative power, uncovering their talents, and enabling them to witness their own potential so they can harness that into a business, stop hiding behind misaligned work, and finally say "I can see that it's possible for ME too!”

This is for you if…

  • You have a glimpse of your passions and purpose but need help to connect the dots, harness your potential and take the first steps to turn that into a business that makes you happy.

  • You are an aspiring female entrepreneur who wants to serve the world in a bigger and more profound way.

  • You have a strong desire to get to know yourself on a deeper level, become your best friend and (REALLY) believe in your greatness.

  • The idea of doing what you love and of living life on your terms excites you! 

  • Your heart is telling you DO IT but you are hiding behind your self-doubt and your limiting belief of "I’m not good enough”.

  • You are ready to do the inner work, take concrete action and be 100% committed to your growth.

  • Create specific goals that will guide you to the starting line of launching your own heart-centered business.

  • Clear the misconceptions about yourself that hold you back from your goals and overcome the blocks of "I'm not good enough" so you finally believe in yourself.

  • Eliminate the things that drain your energy, stop doing the things you dislike + create more time in your life for the stuff that light you up.

  • Overcome your fear of failure, fear of rejection, and fear of judgment from others that keeps you stuck and blocked from taking the first step towards becoming an entrepreneur.

  • Finally, have a clear vision and life purpose that's aligned with your heart's truest desires.

  • Discover your passions and talents and then harness them into a business that serves the world in a bigger, more meaningful way.

  • Learn how to fill up your cup so you have the energy to do what you wanna do and bypass the burnout.

  • Free yourself of bad organizational habits that keep you blocked and learn how to be more productive + maximize the time you spend on your passion project.

  • Hone your intuition, tap into the wisdom of your body, connect to your inner voice and set boundaries around the things that distract you.

  • Walk away knowing who you are, what you love, and the next steps to bring your business to life.

What you will accomplish

Kind words from my clients


“Nurturing, transformational and empowering! You truly made me feel so seen, understood and comfortable in our sessions. I have really come out of my shell. And I do believe this has been a big part in being challenged, pushed, supported, encouraged and made to feel safe, valued and really appreciated during our sessions. The biggest change I have noticed is the confidence I feel in standing in and owning my power - in the presence of others. This was something I was really struggling with when we first began our series together. Today I feel like a different woman in many ways! Or perhaps, just more of myself! This was a truly special experience! I loved working with you in our series and I highly recommend to anyone thinking of working with you. Just do it! You won't regret it. Ange is a beautiful woman, who will help you rise too.” 

Leticia Ringe, London.


“Enlightening, encouraging and inspiring. Working with Ange was an absolute joy and I loved our sessions. She always asked the right questions to help me gain greater understanding of myself and gain clarity around my key goals. She has changed my perspective on so many things. She is a big advocate of recognizing the things that might stand in the way of getting to where you want to be (like your inner mean girl for instance). But instead of trying to pretend those things aren't there or hope they never pop up- accept them and learn new ways to cope with them to get a more positive result. I had a million ideas whizzing around of what I might want to try- and she let me believe that I could channel my focus on a few without giving up on anything. In fact, since working with Ange I've found more creative paths - but now I know how to pursue them! I really couldn't recommend her more!” 

Danielle Fotheringham, London.


"I decided to do coaching sessions because I found myself in a place where I had dreams and aspirations but I didn't know how to transform them in reality. Once I got to know Ange's work I felt she would be the right person to guide me in this exciting journey to create a plan of action for myself. The coaching sessions were very inspiring and open-minding. It helped me to ground and discover a whole new world. We defined three goals for me to focus on and after each session I had actions that would take me closer to the reality I want for my life. Ange is very resourceful, loving and mindful. I am very grateful she created this program. So far I improved many things in my life I once wanted to address and I have a clear plan on how to move forward. Thank you Ange!"

Fernanda Sasse, London

How long are we working together
and what do you get

On the FIRST STEP package we will work together for 3 months and this is what you will get:

  • An initial exploratory questionnaire with powerful questions to start you on your journey to clarity and self-discovery.


  • A 30 minute Clarity Call to chat to discuss your goals with me, explore your options and give you a chance to get to know me better.


  • An introductory 90 minute session to set powerful intentions and inspiring goals for us to work with.


  • 5 biweekly 60 minute coaching sessions where you will engage in inspired actions towards accomplishing your goals.


  • Access to my guided meditation package (Rise & Shine, Slow & Unwind and I Am Love meditations).


  • E-mail & WhatsApp support in between sessions. (I got your back!)


  • Worksheets and resources customized to your needs.


  • The sessions happen online via Skype. 

What is the investment?

One payment of £ 720

Payment plan : 3 monthly payments of £ 260




Book yourself in for a free 30 minute chat via Skype so we can discuss your options, ask your questions and get to know me better!