The Action Magic

Becoming empowered through action

Overcome your fears by taking decisive and concrete action, create a clear vision of what you desire in life and finally launch your heart-centered business.

I help aspiring entrepreneurial women who have a strong desire to turn their passions and purpose into a business that comes from the heart and serve the world in a beautiful way. I help them overcome the self-sabotaging perfectionistic behaviors that hold them back from taking action and having the confidence to do what they love. I support them to build the courage needed to be bigger than their fear of being seen, express their voice and courageously share their message with the world. In addition to that, I help them get organized, become very clear on their BIG VISION and create an inspiring plan that will help them move away from misaligned work and finally launch a business that speaks their truth.

This is for you if…

  • You want to turn your passions and purpose into a business that speaks your truth, makes you happy and serves the world in a bigger and more meaningful way.


  • You are ready to build the courage needed to take decisive and concrete actions that will gradually take you closer to launching your own heart centered business.


  • You already have an idea of what you want to do but need some help to organize that and get very clear on where to start.


  • You have a strong desire to share your work with the world but the fear of failure, being rejected or judged by others stop you from taking action.


  • You work at a job that doesn't make you happy and you want to create a plan to cut down the hours, go part-time or even taking the big leap to going full time on working with what you love.


  • You are lacking clarity on what is the BIG VISION for your life and need help to uncover that.

  • You want to put yourself out there, express your voice but the feeling of being seen and sharing your message makes you feel anxious and overwhelmed. 


  • You are ready to do the work needed to FINALLY believe in yourself and believe in your creation like you never did before and get out there and share it with the world!

  • Have a very clear vision of what you want to do in life.


  • Put your vision into motion by taking decisive action and concrete steps towards starting a business that speaks your truth.


  • Get organized so you have a clear action plan to bring your heart-centered business to life while overcoming the fear of taking action.


  • Overcome the blocks, barriers, and resistance that come up as you move forward while strengthening your courage muscle as you take real, concrete action.


  • Unlock the courage to share your work publicly and confidently communicate your message to the world so you can serve others in a more meaningful way. 


  • Wholeheartedly believe in your business and know that what you have to offer is unique and valuable. If the idea was given to you, it’s because you are the one to make it real.


  • Tap into your creative power and create something from your heart. Then, discover how to monetize it and finally start a business that truly, TRULY makes you happy.


  • Overcome the self-sabotaging perfectionistic behaviors that hold you back from taking solid action and having the confidence to do what you love.


  • Have the courage to put yourself out there and be seen while owning your voice and confidently sharing your message without worrying about what others will think.


  • Have rock-solid trust that the Universe will meet you halfway and deliver the income and opportunities that you desire. (Because the universe will only help you if you do the work!)

What you will accomplish

Kind words from my clients


"I would like to thank Ange for all the support and incredible work. One feeling describes it: gratitude. I hope she continues to shine her light on people’s lives. She helped me connect to my essence and discover a version of myself I hadn’t accessed for a long time. We worked on time management, building a self-care routine and working with my purpose. I saw a great shift on these three areas. Today I feel I can accomplish so much more by applying the tools I learned in our Coaching sessions. I learned how to take better care of myself, set boundaries so I don’t exhaust myself from working and finally took a solid step forward showing up in the world as a Holistic Therapist. Wishing you lots of light on your journey."
Deyse Siqueira, London


"When we first connected I was struggling in all areas of my life. I was feeling lost, didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and didn't believe in my capability of changing it at all. When I decided to do coaching with Ange I was trying to love and know myself more, overcome my fears and find out my purpose in life. The biggest change is that I definitely love myself more and now I know who I am and what makes me happy. I can feel that I am way more positive and more grateful to everything that I have and for what it's happening in my life. Three words describe this experience: challenging, transformational and liberating! Thank you!"
Camila Della Vecchia, London


"From the beginning I already felt that the coaching process with Ange would be a game changer in my life and so it was. I was very confused about what I wanted, discouraged and lacking the energy to face the situation. I had already felt affinity and confidence since the first session, because Ange has always brought a humanized and holistic look to welcome and address any issue that has arisen in the process. I dove into the process with my body and soul, and had all the support and welcome I needed to work through the barriers and self-limiting beliefs that were keeping me from taking action. I am confident to say that years of therapy had not generated as many insights as during our journey together. It was the first time I had so much positive feedback that I could experience a completely different reality from which I had limited myself to. By the end of the process I could see how much I was in tune with the stated goals and saw even more sense and truth in something that at the beginning seem to be far away. Today I feel light, confident and certain of what I want and how I will co-create the reality I deserve and that makes sense in my life, which truly aligns with my being and that makes me happy. So much gratitude for such a meaningful and empowering experience.
Marjorie Strugale, London

How long are we working together
and what do you get

On the ACTION MAGIC package we will work together for 6 months and this is what you will get:

  • An initial exploratory questionnaire with powerful questions to start you on your journey to clarity and self-discovery.


  • A 30 minute  Clarity Call to chat and discuss your goals with me, explore your options and give you a chance to get to know me better.


  • An introductory 90 minute session to set powerful intentions and inspiring goals for us to work with.


  • 11 biweekly 60 minute coaching sessions where you will engage in inspired actions towards accomplishing your goals.


  • Access to my guided meditation package (Rise & Shine, Slow & Unwind and I Am Love meditations).


  • E-mail & WhatsApp support in between sessions. (I got your back!)


  • Worksheets and resources customized to your needs.


  • The sessions happen online via Skype. 

What is the investment?

One payment of £ 1.320

Payment plan : 6 monthly payments of £ 230




Book yourself in for a free 30 minute chat via Skype so we can discuss your options, ask your questions and get to know me better!