From the Heart

Welcome to From The Heart

Are you craving for more love in your life?

Feel lack of trust and surrender?

Want to experience a courageous life with an opened heart?

Want to learn more about self-love?

I feel you!

From the heart is my signature workshop designed to open the gateways of the heart and unleash the love within. Focused on releasing the blocks, creating space and allowing for love to flow through from the inside out. Love is the ultimate feeling that allows us to feel all the others. Love prevails fear and connects us to a sense of trust and surrender. 

Making a commitment to living a life based on love can completely shift the way life is experienced. Love is a vibrational frequency that connects us to our highest and most unique self. It unlocks our heart, melts our limitations and expands our potential. When we feel love, we feel invincible, like we can take over the world and absolutely nothing can stop us. 

Love reminds us of how sweet and gentle life can be. It invites us to open our hearts, and an opened heart is a courageous heart.

When we allow love to flow through us we believe everything is possible. We experience unalloyed joy and unlimited gratitude. Love is the ultimate feeling that brings people together by building bridges between their hearts.


On this 2-hour workshop, we will dive into the realms of Love, turning the awareness in towards the heart space establishing a connection with our own infinite and abundant source of inner love.

Expect a lovely Slow Flow Yoga practice to create space in the body, Life Coaching practices to investigate and explore and a heart-warming guided meditation to end the session with a deep connection to the love we all have within.

Details Coming Soon.