The Elements Yoga & Meditation Package

Everything in nature is constituted of five basic elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether/Space. They all play a different role and support us in a different way. Turning into the elemental world and tapping into their inner powers, can truly help us heal and restore our sense of balance and wholeness.

Join Ange on a Yoga & Meditation journey through the elements.

Here’s what you will get:

⋗ 4 X 60 min. Vinyasa Flow practices. 
⋗ 1 X 60 min. Restorative practice. 
⋗ 5 X guided meditation audios. 
⋗ Unlimited access to these practices. 


Curious to know how these practices can support you?



The Earth element is all about our ability to feel grounded, supported and stable. It is calmness and presence. Steadiness and foundation. It relates to our sense of trust, confidence and feeling safe. It represents all that is solid in nature. It’s the earth beneath us and the solid structures in the physical body such as bones, muscles and tissues.

Practice this flow if you’re feeling: ungrounded, unsettled, unsupported, feeling scattered. This practice will bring you back to center and help ground yourself in your own body.



The Water Element relates to our intuition and relationship with our feelings and emotions. It’s about receptivity, openness and flexibility. The fluidity of the water reminds us of our own ability to navigate through life with ease, finding our own flow as we release control and resistance. Fluid, adaptable and formless. It runs with the flow and never against it. Water will not force its way through an obstacle, it will effortlessly find another way to get around it. It will adapt, flow and find its own course. It inspires to embrace a flexible attitude when dealing with our own challenges.

Practice this flow if you’re feeling: stuck, resistant and finding it hard to let go. This practice will help you shift the energy, soften and release.



Connect to your strength, passion and motivation.  The fire element represents our inner power and will to change. It invites us to take determined action towards that which we wish to create, gathering the courage we need to shed limiting beliefs that hold us back from standing up for ourselves and truly understanding and embracing our self-worth and wholeness.

Practice this flow if you’re feeling: unmotivated, lacking courage, feeling lazy or sluggish. This practice will help you feel energized and strong.



The Air Element and the breath as being the source of our life force. The breath responds to what  we are experiencing. As our feelings, emotions and thoughts influence the way that we breathe, the opposite is also true. If we are feeling relaxed, the breath will be relaxed. And if we are tense or anxious, so will the breath. It mirrors what is going on in the mind. We can influence and calm our minds by coming back to the breath and allowing full, deep and easy breathing to bring us back to a sense of center and balance.

Practice this flow if you’re feeling: anxious, heavy, tense, feeling hard to open up. This practice will help  feel light and open the heart with kindness and compassion.



Ether - the most subtle of the elements. Its nature is expansive, borderless and limitless. It’s the substratum from which all other elements are derived. Often referred as Space, it is the essence of emptiness and also the space the other elements fill. When we allow Space in our lives, we open ourselves up to infinite possibilities. Creativity has space to flourish. Breath finds clear pathways to navigate the body. Listening to Intuition becomes easier. Our connection with Nature is reestablished and we become closer to ourselves.

Practice this flow if you’re feeling: agitated, anxious, too busy or finding it hard to relax. This practice will help you slow down and unwind and clear out you inner space.


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