I am passionate about promoting wellbeing through Yoga & Meditation in companies across London. Classes are held in the mornings before work, at lunchtime or in the evening after work and they are designed to bring a moment of pause to a busy working day and provide a sense of wellbeing alleviating any work related stress and tension.



Wondering  about the advantages of bringing Yoga to your workplace?

⋗ Reduces stress promoting more positive interactions with coworkers.

⋗ Helps to create more headspace leading to more creativity.

⋗ Promotes an overall sense of wellbeing to body & mind.

⋗ Relieves pain and discomfort in the body caused by sitting down for long periods of time.

⋗  Brings a shift in perspective, mood and energy into the day.

⋗ Connects people building a sense of community and interaction between employees.

⋗  Supports the employees in improving focus and attention which leads to more productivity.


Feel free to get in touch to know more information about online or in person corporate Yoga classes.

"My Yoga evenings are extremely important to me, Ange’s practices are unpressured, I do what I can, in an atmosphere of fun yet calm relaxation.  All the better to pop down one floor from my office at the end of the day.  No excuses!"

Ann Wilson


"Ange’s classes are brilliant, she creates a supportive environment and welcomes those from all levels. Ange is a great practitioner and her calm assurance has really helped my development with yoga."

Jatinder Kailey