Hello! I'm Ange.

My journey with Yoga started in 2009 when my sister took me to a yoga class in my hometown. Back then, I used to work crazy hours in the office and feelings such as stress, anxiety and overwhelm were a constant in my life. The practice of Yoga & Meditation came into my life offering me so much space and presence. After the very first class, I remember feeling calm like I had never felt before. The more time I spent on the mat, the more I came back home to myself. And it only got better as the years went by.

I am a Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Meditation Guide and life long student of this practice. My practice and teaching style are focused on cultivating awareness, compassion and wellbeing by connecting to the sensory landscape of the body and moving with presence and curiosity through creative and fun sequences and breath awareness.


For me, Yoga is an opportunity to find our way back home to ourselves and reconnect with our beautiful and well made essence. It’s the path of remembering our sense of wholeness and embracing how truly magnificent we all are.


This practice offers so many tools to help us navigate the ever changing fluctuations of life so we can live with awareness and presence. Wherever you are on your yoga journey, there is something to be discovered and explored. It’s an ever-growing practice that allows us to practice love, gratitude and compassion everyday.

I teach in different studios in South, North & East London. Check the weekly schedule here. I also offer Corporate Yoga & Meditation classes which you can find out more information about here. If you’re interested in deepening your practice on a 1:1 basis, I would love to support you. Click here for more details.


Check out my free resources page for guided meditations, yoga practice and playlists.


I am so deeply grateful for sharing this practice with so many people!


Professional Background

⋗ Life Coaching Qualification - Beautiful You Coaching Academy (2018).
⋗ Yoga Teacher Training  200h Vinyasa Flow -  Yoga London (2015).
⋗ Liberate & Elevate - Mentoring for Yoga Teachers with Naomi Absalom (2019)
⋗ Flow with Intention with Jess Lively (2018).
⋗ Business Coaching Programme with Kelly Trach (2019).
⋗ Mentoring with Paula Andreewitch (2016-2019)
⋗ Diploma in Business Management with focus on Marketing Strategy  & Entrepreneurship (2010-2013).